• April 19th, 2014

Looking For A Solution To Unsightly Acne?

An acne wash can do more than just take care of existing blemishes. Some of the best acne washes have the ability to treat existing acne while fortifying and protecting the skin against additional breakouts. Controlling your complexion can be easier if you know what to look for in an acne wash.

What Should You Be Looking For In An Acne Treatment?

We know there is no permanent solution or absolute cure for acne, but there are treatments that come close to completely clearing your complexion. We have found the strongest and safest acne washes through extensive research and base our reviews on the following criteria:


Does this acne wash have the power and potency to actually fight acne or is it just another face wash?

Speed of Results:

Will this acne wash clear your acne overnight or does it take some time to effectively address your acne?

Ingredient Composition:

Are the ingredients high quality? Does this acne wash have the right concentration of ingredients to work?

Product Safety:

Is this acne wash safe to use or does it have harmful ingredients that cause potential side effects?

Overall Value:

Will this acne wash be the most efficient and effective treatment? Is this acne wash worth your time and money?

5 “Top-Rated” Acne Washes

#1 NanoCleanse

Speed of Results:
Product Safety:
Overall Value:

Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days

Suggested Retail Price:$59.99

Lowest Price Online: $29.99

NanoCleanse Highlights

  • Pushes Oxygen Into The Skin
  • Natural Extracts
  • Reinforces and Protects Your Skin

NanoCleanse is an unbelievable mix of prescription-strength acne fighters, superfoods, and moisturizers that keep acne on the ropes and lets your skin look its utmost best. Using ingredients like benzoyl peroxide and sulfur, NanoCleanse pushes oxygen into the skin to eliminate bacteria and clear away dead skin. In many products, these ingredients might cause dryness and irritation, but not with NanoCleanse. NanoCleanse contains natural extracts and moisturizers that reinforce and protect your skin from any adverse side effects. This makes NanoCleanse the best of both worlds: powerfully effective yet gentle and safe.

Cheapest Price We’ve Found Online: $29.99

#2 Pronexin

Speed of Results:
Product Safety:
Overall Value:

Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days

Suggested Retail Price:$79.99

Lowest Price Online: $29.99

Pronexin Highlights

  • 33 of Mother Nature’s Best Ingredients
  • Powerfully Eliminates Acne Scars
  • Revitalizes & Renews The Skin

Pronexin is the #1 dermatologist recommended acne product treatment of its kind. Using powerful all-natural ingredients, Pronexin is completely safe AND effective. Pronexin also works incredibly fast. Most customers report a noticeable difference after only 3 days of use. Pronexin is extremely cost effective as well. Each bottle contains enough capsules to last you three months which comes to about 33 cents per day. That’s a small price to pay for confidence and peace of mind. The product also comes back with a complete 100% money back guarantee so you can see Pronexi’s incredible results in your own life risk free.

Cheapest Price We’ve Found Online: $29.99

#3 Acnepril

Speed of Results:
Product Safety:
Overall Value:

Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days

Suggested Retail Price:$79.99

Lowest Price Online: $29.99

Acnepril Highlights

  • Works Beneath The Skin
  • Regulates The Production of Hormones
  • Cleanses The Blood Of Toxins

Acnepril is designed to work beneath the skin to fight acne where it starts. Once inside the bloodstream, Acnepril regulates the production of the hormones that activate the skins Sebum glands. Sebum glands sometimes grow overactive and clog pores with too much oil. Acnepril helps balance them out. It also acts by cleansing the blood of certain toxins and supplying your skin with essential nutrients and vitamins that condition and strengthen the skin against outbreaks down the road.

Cheapest Price We’ve Found Online: $29.99

#4 AssoBar

Speed of Results:
Product Safety:
Overall Value:

Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days

Suggested Retail Price:$99.99

Lowest Price Online: $24.00

AssoBar Highlights

  • Infused With 24-Karat Gold
  • Rejuvenates and Heals Skin
  • Powerful Anti-Oxidants Eliminate Free Radicals

Though this product might not be strictly an acne treatment, the AssoBar is a great tool to keep in your acne-fighting repertoire. This bar of soap is infused with actual 24 karat gold. Gold is known for its skin rejuvenating properties known to rejuvenate and heal skin. Inside gold are powerful anti-oxidants adept at eliminating the free radicals lurking beneath your skin. With them gone, the Assobar clears your complexion, improves cell health, and stems the signs of aging. Scientific evidence suggests that gold encourages collagen synthesis which in turn strengthens the skin to prevent acne breakouts in the future.

Cheapest Price We’ve Found Online: $24.00

#5 Epuri Purifying Foam Cleanser

Speed of Results:
Product Safety:
Overall Value:

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days

Suggested Retail Price:$79.99

Lowest Price Online: $29.99

Epuri Purifying Foam Cleanser Highlights

  • 7 All Natural Ingredients
  • Balances pH Levels In The Skin
  • Strengthens & Protects Even Sensitive Skin

Epuri Purifying Foaming Cleanser is perfectly balanced to provide expert skincare at an affordable price. Using all natural fruit and vegetables extracts, heals and soothes away acne rather than burning it away. It washes away oil and dirt to clear pores of bacteria and debris responsible for acne. Containing Sodium Hyaluronate and Glycerin, the Epuri Foaming Cleanser is also a potent moisturizer. These ingredients sink beneath the skin and draw in moisture and water that is held between the cells of the skin and face.

Cheapest Price We’ve Found Online: $29.99

Best Acne Treatments – No Prescription Required

Acne is one of the most prevalent skin diseases in the United States, and of the 85% of teenagers that suffer acne, 25% of them will have permanent scarring.

Considering the fact that acne is so common and fairly easy to treat, why is it that prescription medications are so expensive?

Depending on how aggressive your acne regimen is, you may end up spending anywhere from $45-$200 per month on prescriptions, doctor’s visits, and chemical peels – and it may take several months (or more) before you’ll see any results. Then microdermabrasion and dermabrasion can cost upwards of $2,000 per session to remove acne scarring.

Fortunately, there are a few options out there that can help clear your skin of blackheads, whiteheads, zits, and pimples without the need for a prescription. The following are the best acne treatments in the industry, so you can spend your money on more important things.

Soap and Water

Although acne isn’t caused by dirt on your face like many myths would have you believe, keeping your face clean by following a healthy skincare regimen is the first step to ensuring that acne doesn’t have the chance to form.

Use a gentle soap with warm water to wash away any excess oils and germs that may be clinging to your skin. Don’t scrub too hard or wash too frequently, as this can injure and dry out your skin, triggering an increase in the production of sebum (acne-causing oils).

Benzoyl Peroxide

If you have mild acne breakouts, then Benzoyl Peroxide is definitely one of the best acne treatments available. It’s highly recommended by dermatologists, but doesn’t necessarily require a prescription to obtain and can be found in many of the top acne face washes in the industry. It is also one of the main ingredients found in Nanocleanse.

This compound kills acne-causing bacteria on the surface, but it requires at least 4 weeks of regular use in order to work, as well as continuous use to reduce the risk of future acne breakouts.

Keep in mind, however, that Benzoyl Peroxide does not reduce the production of sebum or how frequently your skin sheds dead cells. If you stop using the ingredient, your acne may come back.

Unfortunately, Benzoyl Peroxide is also known for irritating the skin, causing reactions such as peeling, itching, and inflammation (especially when first beginning the treatment).

If you have sensitivity to Benzoyl Peroxide, then you might be able to use tea tree oil as a safer alternative.

In a small Australian study, 124 acne patients received either 5 percent tea tree oil or a 5 percent benzoyl peroxide solution. Both treatments “had a significant effect in ameliorating the patients’ acne by reducing the number of inflamed and non-inflamed lesions.” Because the tea tree oil worked more slowly, it resulted in fewer negative side effects than the Benzoyl Peroxide.

Salicylic acid

Skin cells can clog pores and keep sebum from reaching the skin’s surface (resulting in acne), and Salicylic acid is designed to correct the abnormal shedding of cells to prevent acne from forming. Like Benzoyl peroxide, it must be used on a regular basis in order to be effective, and it also poses the risk of causing skin irritation inflammation.

White willow Bark is a good replacement for synthetic salicylic acid because it contains the chemical salicin, an anti-inflammatory that can help slough off dead skin cells. (Pronexin, for example, contains both white willow bark and tea tree oil and is safe for sensitive skin.)

If you are allergic to aspirin, then it is not recommended that you use either salicylic acid or white willow bark to treat aspirin.

Retinoids (Vitamin A Derivatives)

Retinoids can be applied both topically and orally, and studies have shown that vitamin a can help normalize the way the skin grows and sheds. Unlike Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl peroxide, however, this acne treatment doesn’t typically cause negative side effects or irritation (though it is not recommended for pregnant women) when taken orally.

Interestingly enough, Vitamin A derivatives may be the most effective treatment for severe cystic acne cases, providing results when other products have failed.

Isotretinoin is one such example of a Retinoid acne treatment, but it can result in severe birth defects if taken by pregnant women, and it may also increase the risk of depression. Although it’s not a prescription treatment, you’ll definitely want to consult your doctor to see if it’s safe for you.

Additional Suggestions

The above treatments can help keep your skin clean and clear and are some of the best acne treatments in history. They can be found in some of the top products listed on this site and have the best potential for eliminating acne when used correctly.

For additional suggestions on how to treat acne naturally, you can read this article here .

Top 5 Acne Washes:


April 19, 2014

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